Worker awareness and empowerment are two important engagement strategies that can be used to build and strengthen a workplace culture.


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Empowering workers by allowing them to make autonomous decisions and provide input can help create a high-performing team of confident, creative individuals who make better employees and co-workers.


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The following resources were developed to help workers build awareness of their health and safety rights and empower them to take control of situations they may encounter in their workplace.

Although many of these resources were developed with temporary foreign agricultural workers as the focus, the information provided is applicable to all Ontario-based workplaces.

Heat Stress – Worker Empowerment

March 2024 • An OHCOW infographic covering what you can do if you are concerned about heat stress at work, from knowing your rights and responsibilities, to getting legal and other help.

Workers’ Basic Health and Safety Rights – The Videos

September 2022

Available in English and Spanish

Workers’ Basic Health and Safety Rights –The Wallet Cards

Available in English, Spanish and Thai
OHCOW’s Migrant Farm Workers Team
(with explanatory videos)

Workers’ Basic Health and Safety Rights – The Infographics

A series of four colourful and informative infographics that contain helpful information for workers who need to exercise their rights for a healthy and safe work environment.

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