OHCOW is a multi-site medical/scientific evidence-based, worker-focussed Clinic system staffed by:

Occupational Health Nurses     •   Occupational Medicine Physicians     •   Occupational Hygienists     •   Ergonomists     •   Coordinators

...all working together to provide a broad range of knowledge translation, consultation and tools (at no cost) to support workers and workplaces in the prevention of occupational illness, injuries, stress and mental harm.

Key links of use to Small Businesses and their workers include:


As long as COVID-19 is among us, we will continue to provide you with the latest information available.

Our collection of COVID-19 tools and resources includes a Ventilation Checklist, (in French & English), the comprehensive Risk Management (Control Banding) Matrix, the dynamic (updated daily) Regional Risk Tool & Tips was well as a long list of slides and videos from our OCC-COVID webinar series.

These tools and resources are all available to assist workers and workplaces in navigating the unique challenges that COVID-19 presents.

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for Workers and Workplaces

OHCOW offers a variety of services that you or your workplace can utilize
in dealing with work-related injuries or illnesses.

From an information/inquiry service to medical diagnostic services, and education and outreach programs
to group services and research services we are here to help in any way we can.

We also offer advocate, health professional, self, and joint health and safety representative and committee referrals.

Occupational Health

From Apps for your mobile device like StressAssess, HazardAssess, AirAssess and PainPoint to Tools for adjusting Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL), Office and Upper Limb Risk to Calculators for things like Office Ergonomics, Body Length Segments, etc. – we offer a wide range of apps, tools and calculators that translate knowledge into action by defining a problem and/or contributing to solutions.

Training Opportunities

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Small Business Health and Safety Training Program (SBHSTP)

Health and Safety Representative
Information and Training

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Application for training reimbursement:
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