Occupational Disease Cluster Investigations (ODCI)

Occupational Disease
Cluster Investigations


Occupational disease cluster investigations are opened at the request of individuals, worker organizations and community groups who suspect that health conditions that a group of workers have in common were caused by exposure in their shared workplace or industry.

OHCOW approaches these reported clusters at both the group and individual level, pursuing several goals:

Evaluate and Identify
Evaluating common exposures and identifying those that should be reduced or eliminated (primary prevention)
Screening individuals for early signs of disease so that treatment can mitigate harm and workers can avoid compounding exposures (secondary prevention)
Provide Assessments
Providing individualized occupational hygiene and medicine assessments to workers, and the family members of deceased workers, to help in the decision whether to file claims for workers’ compensation, and to use the assessments as evidence in that process (tertiary prevention).

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The Face of Occupational Illness – Cluster Investigations

October 7, 2020

Presenters: Ron Kelusky, Chief Prevention Officer, Dave Wilken, OHCOW.
Topics: Services, intake clinics, research, feedback to workers, cardiovascular conditions