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Prevention Through Intervention

Dedicated to the Identification and Prevention of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses


Occupational Disease Cluster Investigations (ODCI) are opened at the request of individuals, worker organizations, and/or community groups who suspect that health conditions that a group of workers have in common were caused by exposure in their shared workplace or industry. LEARN MORE >

The following ODCI are currently on-going:

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A program designed and implemented to assist workers and their employers in addressing the challenges of a diverse workforce
and ensuring occupational health and safety guidelines and programs are understood and followed.

From awareness and communication pieces, to case studies and consultation services, we have a variety of resources for:

Workers   •   Employers   •   Clinicians   •   Advocates

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Featured Videos

Change for Occupational Disease

Elastomeric Respirators

Updates from the Medical Perspective

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Prepared and delivered by experts in the field. View all OHCOW Podcasts or listen and subscribe using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more!

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Both live and recorded, individual events or “Series… Visit our Events listing or register for our Events bulletin below.

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Apps / Tools

Use our Apps and Tools to to monitor and manage work-related issues. Download them today from Apple or Google!

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Papers / Reports

Representing the opinions of our medical and scientific experts. Read the latest on current topics.

We also have Factsheets, Posters/Infographics, Publications, Brochures/Flyers, Technical Info Sheets, etc.

Use the OTHER RESOURCES tab above for a complete listing.


A process of matching the job to the worker, to reduce the strain and prevent injury

Suffering from musculoskeletal or repetitive strain injury?
Want to prevent injury before it happens?
We can help!

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An introduction and action guide created by workers for workers.

This 6-part Guide and Resource Toolkit provides workers with a basic understanding and place to start when learning about work-related stress. It provides definitions, common causes of mental distress, legal frameworks*, possible actions to take, and resources.
* focusing on Ontario

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A free, evidence-based online survey tool designed to assist workplaces in identifying psychosocial hazards
that can lead to stress and mental injury.

Provides suggestions and pathways to address issues, and thus prevent harm.

Simple to Use   •   Fosters a Team Approach   •   Includes a Wizard* 

* supporting preparation, implementation and subsequent problem solving.

Workplace and Individual Editions Available 

Learn more about Workplace Mental Health >


We provide a wide range of services for individuals, groups of workers and/or Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSCs), including:

Information / Inquiry Services
Ergonomic Assessments
Medical Diagnostic Services
Occupational Hygiene Services
Group Services
Outreach and Education Services
Research Services


There are four types of referrals that can be used to obtain access to OHCOW services:

Advocate Referrals
Health Professional Referrals
Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Referrals


OHCOW Clinics are located across Ontario in major centres serving large catchment areas.

Learn more about OHCOW Clinics.

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At the core of each clinic is a dedicated team of occupational medicine professionals who are available
to provide medical examinations for a full range of work-related injuries and illnesses.
The OHCOW Team is made up of:

Ergonomists   •   Occupational Medicine Physicians   •    Occupational Health Nurses
•  Occupational Hygienists   •   Coordinators and Administrators

Learn more about the OHCOW Team.


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If you would prefer to contact a specific clinic, use our
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