Industrial / Commercial Ergonomics

The issue of Ergonomics is prevalent in almost all workplaces including industrial and commercial workplaces.

We cover a few of the major industries below by providing access to industry-specific ergonomic resources.

Construction Ergonomics

The following resources are related to ergonomic issues in the construction industry:

Are You Ready for Winter?

A presentation on Working in the Cold and Ergonomics and Snow Removal
by OHCOW's Andre Gauvin and Trevor Schell

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Healthcare Ergonomics

The following resources are related to ergonomic issues in the healthcare industry:

Ergonomics and Dental Work

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Guidelines for the Prevention of Back Injuries in Paramedics

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Patient Handling Guide

A guide for people working in the healthcare sector.

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Manufacturing Ergonomics

The following resources are related to ergonomic issues in the manufacturing industry:

Automotive Parts Industry
Handbook on Participatory Ergonomics

This handbook is based on the research findings of the study titled:
Evaluation of the Impact of a Participatory Ergonomics Intervention in a Medium-Size Facility (WSIB #0514).

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Retail Ergonomics

Ergonomics and Cashiers

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Manual Material Handling (MMH)

Manual Material Handling (MMH) is an important component of workplace ergonomics
as many of the actions involved can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Manual Materials Handling (MMH) refers to the moving or handling of items by:

Icon showing a figure lifting or lowering a box

Lifting or Lowering

Icon showing a figure pushing and pulling an object

Pushing or Pulling

Icon showing a figure walking while carrying an object


Icon depicting the action of holding or gripping and object

Holding or Gripping

Manual material handling is also the most common cause of occupational fatigue, low back pain and lower back injuries.

The following resources are related to manual material handling:

Physical Demands Description

A document used by employers to objectively capture and describe the physical demands that are required to perform a particular job or role.
A PDD can be used by a wide range of individuals within different organizations.

View PDD Handbook [PDF]
Download PDD Template [docx]

NIOSH Lifting Equation

An Online Tool for Calculating Recommended Weight Limit (RWL)

Online Tool
[Web link to CCOHS website]

Ergonomics and Manual Materials Handling

A Presentation by OHCOW Ergonomist, Melissa Statham, MHK, CCPE

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