Global Ergonomics Month

Celebrated in October each year, Global Ergonomics Month is an international outreach campaign promoting human-centred design through the science, application and profession of ergonomics or human factors.

These disciplines are focused on optimizing human well-being as well as overall system performance by proactively designing work and work systems to fit the people interfacing with them in ways that improve efficiency, productivity, health, safety and comfort.

Ergonomics is ultimately good for both business and people.


Planning is underway for our 2022 Global Ergonomics Month Offering.

Once our plans are finalized, details will be made available here.

All sessions are provided free-of-charge, but pre-registration is required.
Learn more about each session and register to attend by following the links below:


OHCOW contributed the following online sessions to Global Ergonomics Month 2021 to assist both workers and employers.

New Office Ergonomics Reference Guide Launch

Video link coming soon…

Fork Lift Promo

Operating Heavy Equipment

Exercises to Help Prevent Injuries for Lift Truck Operators

How to Set the Seat and Controls in Fork Lifts to Prevent Injuries

In 2019 the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MoL) focused on Manual Materials Handling (MMH) as part of their Healthy workers in Healthy Workplaces initiative and conducted worksite inspections looking specifically at MMH tasks across all sectors.

Full details of the initiative can be found on the MoL website of by following the links below:

Construction     •    Health care      •   Industrial     •   Mining


Ergonomic Tools and Calculators

OHCOW has a number of free ergonomic tools and calculators to assist your workplace in preparing / updating your current practices prior to your inspection visit.

Contact your local OHCOW Clinic to speak to an Ergonomist for more specific help.

You can also visit for the most up-to-date information and tools to support workplaces of all sizes.
It includes a simple Quick Start Guide to start doing something about manual material handling today.

OHCOW contributed to Global Ergonomics Month 2017 with the following presentations:

Evaluate Your Workstation: An Introduction to a New Office Ergonomics Calculator

Co-hosted by WSN

Psychosocial Ergonomics and Ergonomics: Fact or Fiction