Virtual Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

Virtual Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

OHCOW provides many tools and resources around Ergonomics & Workstation set-up, including when working from home. Plus, we are now also offering a Virtual Home Office Ergonomic Assessment service. It is available to anyone in Ontario who is currently working from home, and is concerned about their workstation set-up, or suffering from a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) (or recent chronic pain).

The service will provide individual assessments performed 1:1 by an OHCOW Ergonomist via email, photos (or video), and telephone (or video conferencing). It will focus on the use of available resources (eg. office equipment, furniture, household items, etc.) to improve workstation set-up (and use). Recommendations will be in keeping with the current CSA Z412 Standard: “Office Ergonomics – An application standard for workplace ergonomics.”

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If you wish to have the assistance of one of OHCOW’s Ergonomists for a virtual home office ergonomic assessment, please contact to get started. Here to help, free of charge!