Ergonomic Tips for Temporary Home Workstations…3 Months Later

Tue, 16 Jun 2020

Ergonomic Tips for Temporary Home Workstations… 3 Months Later

Update: Video from this session now available!

Tuesday, June 16th - 10AM

Speakers: Ergonomists - Trevor Schell and Dwayne Fuchs

We are now at the point where many of us have been working at home at temporary workstations for an extended period of time; potentially 3 months or longer. How have you been coping? Have you made a transition to an ergonomically sound workstation or are you still working from a laptop at your kitchen table? Are you now starting to develop some musculoskeletal discomfort? There are some small changes you can make to transform your workstation into a more ergonomically sound temporary office if you find yourself continuing to work from home as time continues. In order to find out what these changes may be please join us while we present our webinar on Ergonomic Tips for Temporary Home Workstations.

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