Working in Heat / Cold Extremes

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The following resources from OHCOW and our Partners provide a wealth of information on heat stress:

Heat Stress and Sun Safety
for Employers Hiring Migrant Farm Workers

A resource sheet outlining findings and solutions from a Heat Stress and Sun Safety Workshop that may be useful for developing or updating health and safety programs around this issue.

Humidex-Based Heat Stress Calculator

A simple, online tool to calculate the Humidex based on the temperature and humidity.

Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario’s (OHSCO)
Heat Stress Awareness Toolkit

Overexposure to heat can stress the body’s cooling system, especially when combined with physical labour, loss of fluids, fatigue or medical conditions.
Heat stress can lead to heat-related illness, disability and even death.
Explore this toolkit to learn more about how you can prevent heat stress.

Cover of the Heat Stress Awareness Guide

Heat Stress Awareness Guide

This Guide summarizes the causes, and treatments of heat-related illness and presents a five-step approach for using the humidex to assess heat stress hazards. It also outlines specific actions for managing and controlling heat stress.


Heat Stress Can Be Deadly Poster

Heat Stress Awareness Poster

A colour poster that outlines the symptoms and how to protect yourself from heat stress.

Image of the Heat Stress Awareness Wheel Tool

Heat Stress Awareness Tool

Use this handy wheel tool to recognize the symptoms and follow recommended actions when working in extreme humidex conditions.

Humidex Heat Response Plan

A Simplified Way of Protecting Workers From Heat Stress

Based on the 2009 ACGIH Heat Stress TLV® (Threshold Limit Value®) which uses wet bulb globe temperatures (WBGT) to estimate heat strain.
These WBGT’s were translated into Humidex.

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Sun Safety

Why be Sun Smart?   •   Health Effects of the Sun   •   Protection from the Sun  •   Heat Illness Prevention Strategies

From skin cancer to heat disorders, cramps, stress, stroke, exhaustion, and dehydration,
this page covers all the symptoms and treatments for these various illnesses.

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Health Effects of Heat

Snapshot of the Health Effects of Heat poster

Source:  CAL/OSHA



Be Winter Ready

Working in the Cold and the Ergonomics of Snow Removal

We become accustomed to working in the cold and shoveling snow each year as winter progresses.
But are we doing everything we can to minimize long term health effects when engaged in snow removal, or other work, in cold temperatures?

Watch the following recorded webinars to learn more:

Working in the Cold

Thermoregulation   •   Hypothermia and Cold Injuries   •   Health Effects   •   Prevention Controls

The Ergonomics of Snow Removal

Ergonomics and Snow Shovelling   •  Preparing Yourself for the Task
Picking the Right Shovel   •   Snow Weight

Questions and Answers Session Video

Are You Ready for Winter?

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