Cold Stress Calculator

Just How Cold is it Really?

An Excel-based tool created as a simple means for determining what precautions should be taken to protect workers from cold stress-related adverse health outcomes.

As the speed of wind increases, your body will feel a decrease in temperature. This is because the wind dissipates heat from the body.
To understand how cold the environment around you actually is, wind speed is combined with temperature to calculate "Wind Chill Temperature".
The wind chill temperature provides an estimate of the cooling power of the environment and thus plays an important role in the cold stress risk assessment and protecting workers from its severe adverse health effects such as frostbite and hypothermia.

To Use the Tool:

Simply enter the outdoor temperature and wind speed into the following calculator.
The tool then calculates the adjusted or wind chill temperature for you.
It also provides you with a listing of relevant health concerns as well as suggested precautions.
There is even a table for estimating wind speed if you don't have access to that information.

Screen shot of the OHCOW Cold Stress Calculator

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