“Where there’s smoke…” Understanding Particulate Hazards Indoors and Out
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“Where there’s smoke…” Understanding Particulate Hazards Indoors and Out

21 July 2023 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Pictures of Dr. Dave Stieb and John Oudyk along with an icon of an eye and lungs promoting an OHCOW webinar on the hazards of fine particulates (PM2.5)

A key topic (and risk) in occupational and environmental health, affecting thousands of Canadians, at work, at home and everywhere they go.

Wildfire smoke has spread widely across North America this spring and summer, raising awareness and elevating concern.

Join Dr. Dave Stieb, a Health Canada physician and epidemiologist in conversation with John Oudyk, OHCOW Occupational Hygienist to:

  • Learn more about the hazards and measurement of particulates in air (particularly in the size range PM2.5)
  • Understand the AQHI (AirQuality Health Index) and how it can help individuals and workplaces interpret information and apply it to their situation
  • Recognize who is most vulnerable and why
  • Compare environmental messaging and occupational limits and what they mean for individuals and workers with respiratory challenges
  • Gain practical ideas for homes and workplaces to minimize exposure at peak times

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The Conversation will be recorded and streamed on FaceBook.

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