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Feature image for OHCOW's Air Assess App

AirAssess App

This questionnaire style app consists of three scientifically recognized questionnaires on the indoor environment (air quality), job strain (stress), and asthma symptom screening.

Feature image for OHCOW's Anthropometric Calculator

Anthropometric Calculator

Our Anthropometric Calculator is an amalgamation of databases that provides the most comprehensive and concise set of body measurement data.

Feature image of the CHAP Risk Tool

CHAP-Risk Tool

December 2021 • A workplace tool used for identifying and prioritizing workplace chemical hazards.

Feature image for OHCOW's Ventilation Calculation Tool

Class / Meeting Room Ventilation Calculation Tool

Determine the adequacy of the ventilation in your classroom using this simple Excel-based tool developed by OHCOW.

Feature imaged of OHCOW's Cold Stress Calculator

Cold Stress Calculator

November 2021 • Determine what precautions should be taken to protect workers from cold stress-related adverse health outcomes.

Feature image for OHCOW's Mouse Size Calculator

Computer Mouse Size Calculator

Using a proper size mouse is an important step to preventing injuries. The correct sized mouse will help to reduce awkward postures and contact stress on the hand and wrist.

Feature image of OHCOW's Diesel Exhaust Lung Cancer Relative Risk Calculator

Diesel Exhaust Lung Cancer Relative Risk Calculator

November 2022 • Developed by OHCOW, this calculator determines the health risk of exposure to diesel exhaust.

Feature image for OHCOW's Glove Size Calculator

Glove Size Calculator

Wearing the correct sized gloves helps the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. This calculator helps you to choose the proper size based on the work you are doing and your hand size.

Feature image of OHCOW's Hazard Assess App

HazardAssess App

The app allows you to take action to reduce or eliminate health and safety risks in your workplace by guiding you through 12 distinct health and safety topics prompting you to describe the hazard and identify its source/cause. It then provides you with ideas on how to fix it.

Feature image for the Heat Stress Awareness Wheel Tool from OHCOW.

Heat Stress Awareness Wheel Tool

TOOL • This cardboard wheel tool helps with calculation of humidex and provides tips for outdoor workers appropriate to the humidex level.

Feature image for OHCOW's Heat Stress Calculator for Indoor Workers

Humidex-Based Heat Stress Calculator and Plan (Indoor Workers)

[Use temperature and humidity percentage (%) to calculate humidex and get recommended actions.

Feature image of OHCOW's Job Demands Analysis spreadsheet-based tool

Job Demands Analysis

This Job Demands Analysis (JDA) tool includes both a Physical Demands Description (PDD), as well as an analysis of Cognitive and Psychosocial Demands.

Feature image of the OHCOW Job Assess App that creates a Job Demands Analysis (JDA)

JobAssess App

WEB APP • COMING SOON! A new web-based step-by-step app that create a Job Demands Analysis (JDA) based on the physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial demands of any job.

Feature image of OHCOW's Keyboard Shortcut Tutorials

Keyboard Shortcut Tutorials

If you use a computer on a regular basis you need to be using keyboard shortcuts to minimize mouse use, increase keyboard efficiency, and reduce ergonomic risk.

Feature image for the NIOSH Lifting Equation

NIOSH Lifting Equation

A workplace risk assessment tool used to calculate the overall risk index for single and multiple manual lifting tasks (from CCOHS).

Feature image for OHCOW's NIHL Audiogram Calculator

Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Audiogram Calculator

November 2021

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW)


Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) Adjustment Tool

An effective tool for the calculation of the adjusted workplace exposure limit, for an unusual or extended work shift, recognizing the importance of the precautionary principle in occupational exposures.

Feature image for OHCOW's Office Ergonomics Calculator

Office Ergonomics Calculator

June 2023 • Recently Improved and Reconfigured! Reduce risks of musculoskeletal injury by adjusting your workstation.

Feature image for the OHCOW Office Ergonomics e-course

Office Ergonomics e-Course

NEW! • A new 7-module e-course based on the CSA Office Ergonomics Standard (Z412-17), and reflecting changes in the modern office environment as well as continuing to address ergonomic concerns related to the traditional office setting.


Office Ergonomics Reference Guide

REFERENCE GUIDE – Updated and modernized to align with the new CSA Office Ergonomics Standard (Z412-17), our new Office Ergonomics Reference Guide now reflects changes in the office environment (i.e. multiple monitors, tablet use, remote workstations, etc.), as well as continuing to address ergonomic concerns related to the traditional office setting…

Feature image for OHCOW's PainPoint app

PainPoint App

The PainPoint app delivers a simple ergonomic assessment by running through a series of diagrams and questions to: pinpoint musculoskeletal pain; identify possible sources; discover practical solutions – right from your smartphone!

Feature image for OHCOW's Physical Demands Description (PDD) Toolkit

Physical Demands Description (PDD) Toolkit

A Handbook and Template for Completing Physical Demands Descriptions A document that objectively captures and describes the physical demands that are required to perform a particular job.

Feature image of OHCOW's Quick Exposure Check (QEC) tool.

Quick Exposure Check (QEC) Tool

A practical tool, developed by OHCOW, designed to create an efficient and organized way to complete QEC assessments.

Feature image for the OHCOW Silica Control Tool launch

Silica Control Tool Launches in Ontario

November 6, 2023 • New tool helps protect Ontario construction workers from lung disease

Feature image of OHCOW's StressAssess app / survey tool

StressAssess App

FREE • A simple to use, evidence-based online survey tool designed to assist workplaces in identifying psychosocial hazards that can lead to stress and mental injury, providing suggestions and pathways to address them, thus preventing harm.

The Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA), and Strain Index calculators have been removed from the site as they are currently undergoing reconstruction work.

The Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) calculator has been removed and replaced with the Office Ergonomics Calculator.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but felt the need to update them to meet current standards.

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