Anthropometric Calculator

OHCOW's Anthropometric Calculator is an amalgamation of databases* to provide the most comprehensive and concise set of body measurement data.

Anthropometric measurements are a series of quantitative dimensions of the muscle, bone, and adipose tissue used to assess the composition of the body. These measurements are used to assist with not only design options for specific individuals but also general populations. In addition to design, they can also be used to assess potential sources of mismatch between specific individuals or populations by comparing equipment heights and distances to a worker or group of workers.

To begin using the tool, you must first select your sex at birth**, preferred units (Metric or Imperial) and type of view (table or figure/graphic).

* The datasets used in the development of this tool include Anthropometric Survey of US Army Personnel (ANSUR I), Anthropometric Survey of US Army Personnel (ANSUR II), DINED Anthropometric Database, and Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource (CAESAR).

** From a physiological perspective, anthropometric characteristics are determined by growth hormones that are specific to each sex at birth.

The following video provides an overview of how to use this powerful tool:

Introduction to the Anthropometric Calculator

Trevor Schell, Ergonomist,
Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW)

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