A practical tool, developed by OHCOW, designed to create an efficient and organized way to complete QEC assessments.

The tool allows users to document tasks of different jobs and identify the resulting exposure levels.

The tool has been formatted to colour the resulting exposure level cells based on the original tool reference guide (low, moderate, high, very high).

The tool will particularly be helpful to workplaces who implement solutions to address the identified hazards.
Users are able to document before and after scenarios and compare the exposure levels to ensure that the intended reduction in exposure levels has occurred.

This spreadsheet tool has been designed for use with Microsoft Excel 2007.
Using the tool in earlier versions of Excel will be functional, however, it will lose some of the colour formatting associated with the exposure levels and the legend.
If users are using earlier versions of Excel, they are encouraged to refer to the QEC Reference Guide for the associated exposure levels.
The colour coding of the total exposure scores will be incorrect, but the actual numerical score will be accurate.