Physical and Chemical Hazards of Driving

Physical and Chemical Hazards of Driving 

Is Driving Really Bad for you?

It wouldn’t seem that sitting in a moving vehicle would be hazardous to your health, but think…

  • After a long drive to the cottage, are you stiff as soon as you get out of the car?
  • Does your whole body feel exhausted after driving the truck all day?
  • Is lifting suitcases from the trunk of your taxi harder on your back after driving your fare across town?
  • Do you feel like you need a couple of minutes to stretch out your back after driving the forklift for the whole afternoon?
  • Are your neck and shoulders sore after long drives?

These are symptoms you would feel from exposure to the ergonomic risk factors of driving. If you work in a job where driving a vehicle is a major activity, you are encountering these risk factors every day. If you do not protect yourself, the health of your spine could deteriorate, possibly leading to chronic back pain in later months or years. This pamphlet informs you of the ergonomic risks from driving, and provides you with a few simple but important safety tips to help keep you healthy.

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