Here to help

Here to help

Our Clientele

Workers, Joint health and safety committees, Unions, Employers, Advocates, Doctors, Nurses, Community groups, Government partners,  and Members of the public.

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Clinic hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, but we are responsive and  flexible to meet the needs of workers, workplaces and their communities.

Workshops and presentations on occupational health & safety subjects developed and delivered to mobilize knowledge, foster dialogue and promote prevention, all free of charge!

Free Resources and Tools to educate and assist, putting hazard recognition, evaluation and control into the hands of those affected

Clinical Free Unique Services

  • Group/Interventions Evidence-based technical and medical reports determining work-relatedness for individuals
  • Exposure or health-based prevention consulting for groups of workers or workplaces (by joint invitation) – all free of charge

Inquiry/ Resources

  • Answers to work-related health and safety questions
  • Valuable information, videos and links on important health hazards and occupational diseases


  • Community, workplace and stakeholder outreach to foster dialogue and increase awareness of occupational heath issues
  • Develop and deliver workshops, webinars, and presentations to mobilize knowledge and promote prevention
  • Collaborate partnerships to extend reach and enhance value