Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers and COVID 19 Safety Guidance & Resources

COVID19 introduces serious and complex health and safety challenges for the arrival, isolation and work of temporary foreign workers in Ontario agriculture, particularly re: healthcare capacity, public and occupational health, and workplace communication and coordination for this disconnected population, made more vulnerable by high-density housing. 

OHCOW MFW Program staff continue to collaborate with employers, workers, partners and stakeholders and offer experience and support to contribute to frontline planning, preparedness and response. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance.

COVID 19 Resources for Farm Workers 

NEW: COVID-19 Safety for Ontario Farm Workers Video Series:

1. Introduction, Risks on Farms, and COVID-19 Safety

2a. COVID-19 Symptoms, Reporting & Income for Farm Workers 

2b. Non-Emergency Healthcare for Farm Workers 

3. Working Together on the Farm: Health & Safety Rights & Responsibilities

NUEVO: Serie de videos de seguridad de COVID-19 para trabajadores agrícolas de Ontario:

1. Introducción, riesgos de COVID-19 en las granjas y seguridad de COVID-19

2a. Síntomas, informes e ingresos de COVID-19 para los trabajadores agrícolas

2b. Atención médica no de emergencia para trabajadores agrícolas

3. Trabajando juntos en la granja: derechos y responsabilidades de salud y seguridad

COVID 19 educational resources (in English, Spanish & Thai) from credible sources, including several low literacy: 

Ontario posters & resources, including many translated into Spanish

Comprehensive list of Canadian, US, and Mexican resources, English & Spanish resources

NON Emergency Health Care Resources for TFAWs by Region 

We will be updating resources regularly. (Don’t hesitate to send suggestions)

Including Agriculture sector              And WSPS Agriculture guidance
Guidance note Agriculture sector
Poster for employers Agricultural supervisors
Poster for employees
Additional sector guidance

OHCOW and Partner COVID 19 Advice on Risks & Solutions 

COVID-19 and Ontario Farm Worker Health and Safety June 22nd webinar by OHCOW & MLTSD

Working Together to Communicate Important COVID-19 Prevention Information to the Ontario Agricultural Sector

Heightened COVID-19 Risks to Temporary Foreign (Migrant) Agricultural Workers (TFAWs) And Recommended Actions in the 2020 Agricultural Season Occupational Medicine perspective paper
by Donald C Cole MD, DOHS, MSc, FRCP(C), Occupational, Environmental and Public Health Medicine Consultant

Migrant Worker Health Expert Working Group (MWHEWG)

New website, migrantworker.ca (Includes FAQs (+ in Spanish)

MEHEWG report to ESDC (last update June 9, 2020):
Recommendations for Overcoming Health Challenges Faced By Migrant Agricultural Workers during the COVID-19-Virus Pandemic

Alliance for Healthier Communities June 8, 2020 letter on Supports for Migrant Agricultural Workers during Covid-19

March 22, 2020, OHCOW Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers and COVID 19 Safety Considerations contributed to early thinking and planning. 

Additional Government Guidance 

Integrated Farm COVID 19 Safety Plan Framework tying together provincial & federal government guidance, search on topics important to COVID 19 safety planning on farms. 

ESDC FAQs Answered May 29, 2020 & Updated Guidance May 19th

New US CDC Prevention Checklist for Agricultural Employers Agricultural Employer Checklist for Creating a COVID-19 Assessment and Control Plan, based on the Agriculture Workers and Employers Interim Guidance from CDC and the U.S. Department of Labor

*Click here for: Guidance which has been integrated in the Framework

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