Response to Downgrade of PPE Precautions for COVID-19

OHCOW expert, John Oudyk, (an occupational hygienist with extensive experience in the issue e from research during and post SARS, MERS & Ebola) drafted a response to the federal and provincial public health proposed policy shift to downgrade the type of precautions (including masks) when the pandemic began, with updates several times since.  He has also presented on the subjects of transmission risk and worker protection numerous times as the pandemic, and science has evolved. Please note, that although funding to OHCOW is from the Ontario government, the views of the report(s) do not necessarily reflect the position of the Ontario government.

"A Consideration of the Rationale Provided to Downgrade PPE Precautions for COVID-19" position paper including 12p Study Interpretation Comparison Table Appendix - August 13

Previous Draft - August 13

Previous Draft - April 29

Previous Draft - March 31

Previous Draft - March 20

John contributed to the CFNU investigation by SARS Commission Advisor, Mario Possamai: A Time of Fear: How Canada Failed Health Workers and Mismanaged COVID-19 released Oct. 5th

And presented “The science is in” – what next?  Mitigating the Proportional Risk of the Transmission of COVID-19 (or recording) on Oct. 1st at a national Best Brains Exchange hosted by PHAC, CIHR & CADTH along with OHCOW hygienist, Dr. Kevin Hedges.

And continues to analyze the Pandemic experience survey reported in: Heath-care workers lacking PPE suffer from more anxiety and depression editorial by collaborator Peter Smith (IWH) which highlights a strong correlation between perceived adequacy of PPE & IPC with anxiety and depression symptoms. Full article: The Association between the Perceived Adequacy of Workplace Infection Control Procedures and Personal Protective Equipment with Mental Health Symptoms: A Cross-sectional Survey of Canadian Health-care Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Peter M. Smith, PhD, John Oudyk, MSc, Guy Potter, PhD, Cameron Mustard, ScD. First Published September 21, 2020

Oudyk MLTSD Science Review Table presentation, June 12, 2020 slides & video 

Recent summary for the Public Health Agency of Canada acknowledges evidence for aerosol transmission: Evidence Brief on Aerodynamic Analysis and Aerosolization of SARS-CoV-2

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