Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues at work can be caused or aggravated by a number of factors. The interrelationships between these factors can be quite complex. By answering questions about your environment,
symptoms, workplace stress levels, and allergies, you can discover issues which may be related to the air quality in your workplace. This free app will look for possible links and provide you with ideas to help you and your workplace take action on these air quality issues.

No personal data is collected, but, if desired, you can share the results to raise awareness and start a discussion about IAQ solutions in your workplace. AirAssess is the result of a partnership that combines OHCOW’s experience in conducting these surveys at a large number of workplaces, with the technical and communications expertise of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

To view the OHCOW and CCOHS presentation on AirAssess please follow the link below.

AirAssess IAQ App Launch Session

AirAssss PowerPoint Slides