Mayday, Mayday 2017

Mayday, Mayday

Mental Health and Injury Prevention is a growing priority (and concern) in the workplaces of Ontario, the field of Occupational Health and Safety, and society in general.  OHCOW has long recognized  the impact of psychosocial factors on the health, safety and well-being of workers, and has been working actively to assist workplaces in the recognition, evaluation and control of associated hazards for several years.

Opening Remarks, Minister of Labour, the Honourable Mr. Kevin Flynn

StressAssess “Sneak Peek”, CCOHS & OHCOW

National Psychosocial Workplace Survey Tool – StressAssess

A Call to Action against Stress and Mental Injury By Dr. Fergal O’Hagan, Trent University

Mental Health – Psychological Health and Safety by Danielle Stewart

Mental Health – Psychological Health and Safety

Preventing Mental Injury using a Survey Tool by John Oudyk

Preventing Workplace Mental Harm

May Minutes: Mental Injury Toolkit Guide and Implementation, Terri Aversa, OPSEU

Challenges and Solutions Workshop, John Oudyk and Terri Aversa

Building an Understanding Nomenclature Workshop, Kim Slade, PSHSA

Successful Strategies for Preventing PTSD, Dr. Carol Parrott

Prevention of PTSD in the Workplace

May Minute: CCOHS Workplace Mental Health Experience, Resources and Services, Mr. Gareth Jones

Achieving Psychological Safety at Work, Dr. Martin Shain

The Careful Workplace From vision to reality

Closing comments, Chief Prevention Officer, George Gritziotis