Refusing Dangerous Work

Have you been asked to do something at work that could hurt you or a co-worker?

You have the right to say NO to unsafe work* – without getting into trouble or being punished.

If so, here is what to do…

Employers must not punish you in any way for refusing.
If they do, call us or legal aid.

* This includes danger from equipment, tools, workplace conditions or violence.
** That person is a worker health and safety representative, joint health and safety committee member or someone that workers choose.

Stay in a safe place during working hours until the inspector makes their decision; you could do another job.

You must be paid for your time, at your usual rate.

For more information about refusing dangerous work:

Local Legal Aid Clinic

Find the nearest one:

Ask to speak to someone in your language

Community Groups can help too

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW)

Text, WhatsApp or Call:

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The information above is also available in a wallet-size format for printing and carrying with you.