OHCOW leads Ontario's Occupational Disease Action Plan

The ODAP was developed in late 2016 to focus Prevention System and other key stakeholder energies and efforts on Occupational Disease prevention.  Initial priorities (which will be revisited annually) are:  General OD Awareness, Noise, Allergens & Irritants, Diesel Exhaust Emissions and Emerging Issues.  The plan is meant to be aspirational, yet achievable.  Divided into eight different approaches, a full list of proposed activities can be found in the plan summary linked below.  The development, architecture and implementation of the plan was described recently in a presentation to St. Michael's Hospital Occupational Health Rounds by ODAP Implementation Team lead (and OHCOW Executive Director) Valerie Wolfe.  Video of the presentation can be viewed at https://youtu.be/2ewHvAfr-Hc  and the slide deck is linked below.

Occupational Disease and its prevention is a challenging and complex problem which requires engagement and action at all levels of the Prevention System and beyond -- from communities, families, workers, managers, safety reps, owners, safety professionals, health care providers and regulators.  The ODAP Implementation Team is an orchestra, but what is needed is a choir.  Raise your voice and get involved today -- in whatever chorus works for you!

Occupational Disease Action Plan

ODAP Introduction

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