OHCOW Ergonomic Resources

OHCOW Ergonomic Resources

OHCOW has a repository of information that is available to you. These include our Physical Demands Description Handbook, Office Ergonomics Handbook, PainPoint App, YouTube videos, and numerous fact sheets.

Physical Demands Description Handbook 

This document is a guide used by employers to objectively capture and describe the physical demands that are required to perform a particular job or role. This can be used by a wide-range of individuals within different organizations. It can be used internally in a workplace or externally by various individuals or organization. It outlines the conduction of a PDD, data collection expectations, measurements techniques and tools, and reporting. This document can assist with MSD prevention.

Office Ergonomics Handbook

In order to work safely and comfortably, each element of a computer workstation should be adjusted to fit the worker and their needs.  The Office Ergonomics Handbook is a guide to setting up an office workstation. It was designed to serve as a manual to assist with chair, keyboard/mouse, monitor, and desk adjustments. It also outline other key aspects of office work including lighting, rest breaks, environmental concerns, and stress.

PainPoint App

This app was created to provide a very basic ergonomic assessment by running through a series of diagrams and questions to pinpoint musculoskeletal pain, identify possible sources, and discover practical solutions - right from your smartphone! The results are depicted on a body map, with recommendations to address work-related MSD hazards that could be contributing to your discomfort. No personal data is collected, but summary results can be shared with others (at your discretion) in order to report hazards or foster solutions.

Recent Ergonomics Videos and Webinars

Here we have currated some of our most recent webinars and videos about COVID-19 ergonimic changes as well as our recent campaigns around operating Forlifts and Heavy Equipment. OHCOW also has a YouTube channel which is populated with these and numerous other videos including various presentations performed by OHCOW staff.

Fact Sheets

Dozens of fact sheets have been created on high-interest topics. These include: Exercises at your Workstation, Working on your Feet, Physical and Chemical Hazards of Driving, Snow Shoveling etc. These are clear and concise resources aimed at educating the public on areas of concern. They display risk factors and techniques on reducing the hazards. They can be ordered by calling either of the 7 clinics.