Working From Home - Ergonomics

Tue, 19 Jan 2021

Safely Working From Home

OHCOW provides many tools, videos and resources around Ergonomics & Workstation set-up, including when working from home. 

Given the renewed efforts of businesses and government to maintain services while reinforcing physical distancing, many Ontarians are again working from home. OHCOW ergonomists past and present offer a few tips below on taking the time to set up a proper workstation to improve health, safety, and even productivity, which is better for all. Plus our Ergonomics resource page and Ergotools provide an abundance of information and guidance, including videos, on fitting your workstation to you, instead of contorting yourself to fit it, or alternatively, roaming around with a laptop. And if none of that helps, don’t hesitate to contact the Clinic nearest you to get a telephone or virtual consultation. We’re here to help, free of charge. (And don’t forget about Electrical Safety either).

Setting up Your Home Workstation

Home and Virtual Office Ergonomics

Pandemic Experience and Impact

Learn about the impact of the pandemic experience through survey results from round one and share your pandemic experience for the first or second time by participating in the Pandemic Survey relaunch.

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