Occ-tober: An Occupational Health and Disease Prevention Symposium

Tue, 20 Oct 2015

An inaugural event hosted by OHCOW was held on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 to share the latest information on Occupational Health and Disease Prevention with Ontario Ministry of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Prevention System partners. Several of the presenters have graciously agreed to allow public access. Links to video and slides can be found by clicking on the relevant subject in the agenda pasted below.

Occ-tober: An Occupational Health and Disease Prevention
“Annual Check-up”

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

By Invitation only – to the Ontario OHS Prevention System and Partners


9:15 am           Welcome, George Gritziotis, Chief Prevention Officer
9:30 am           OO: Ergo - MSD App Launch, Curtis VanderGriendt, OHCOW Hamilton (ppt-pdf)
9:45 am           Occupational Disease Incidence + Prevention:
                       OD Strategy Framework + Skin Disease Dr. Linn Holness, CRE-OD, St. Michael’s Hospital (ppt-pdf)
                       Workplace Asthma Dr. Mike Pysklywec, OHCOW, Hamilton (ppt-pdf)
                       Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Dr. Pravesh Jugnundan, OHCOW, Toronto (ppt-pdf)

10:45              OO:  Clinical –Teacher Vocal Cord Nodule Case, Cheryl Rook, OHCOW, Toronto (ppt-pdf)

10:55              Break

11:10              OO: Outreach – Migrant Farm Worker Program, Eduardo Huesca, OHCOW, Hamilton (ppt-pdf)

11:20              Occupational Cancer Incidence + Prevention:
                      General Occupational Cancer Review Dr. Paul Demers, OCRC & CAREX (ppt-pdf)
                      UV/Solar Radiation & Skin Cancer Prevention Dr. Thomas Tenkate, Occupational & Public Health, Ryerson University (ppt-pdf)

12:20              Networking Lunch

1:05                OO:  Hygiene – Mining Elevator Ear Drum Case, Masood Ahmed, OHCOW Hamilton (ppt-pdf)                       

1:15                Ignite! Infection Prevention through Complexity Science, Ms. L. Gitterman, Infection Prevention & Control, UHN (ppt-pdf)

2:15                OO:  Health – Mental Injury Toolkit & App Update, Terri Aversa, OPSEU (ppt-pdf)

2:25                Break

2:40                Mental Injury Incidence and Prevention, Dr. D. Posen

3:40                Discussion/Future Initiatives, Dr. N. Kerin, OHCOW Toronto (ppt-pdf)

3:55                Farewell, Mr. Michael Roche, OHCOW CEO

OO = OHCOW  ”Occ-omplishments”, 5-10 min highlights reflecting major aspects of our work


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