Occ-tober 2019

Thu, 29 Aug 2019


5th Annual Symposium on Occupational Health & Disease Prevention

Highlighting the latest scientific + clinical information on the link between work + illness, as well as investigating prevention strategies

Attend this important annual event which highlights the latest scientific and clinical information on the link between work and illness, as well as investigating recent evidence for all three levels of prevention: primary (exposure control before impact); secondary (early detection/recognition and treatment/control); and tertiary (work/disease recognition for compensation, further research & future exposure control).

Multiple approaches to prevention, especially the dissemination of information to understand the hazards, and tools to assist workplaces in managing them, will be featured.

The audience includes Prevention System partners and stakeholders; Health and Safety Professionals; Medical and Scientific researchers, Worker Advocates, Joint Health and Safety Committee members; and interested workers, supervisors, management and owners from the workplaces of Ontario.

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