McIntyre Powder Project Intake Clinic Timmins, Ontario

Wed, 11 May 2016

For over three decades Ontario's miners have been ordered to inhale aluminum dust as a condition of employment prior to entering mines. This substance was known as McIntyre powder and was created with the aim of preventing silicosis, however this is thought to have led to many health issues for miners later in life.

Janice Martell, whose father was exposed to McIntyre powder, established the McIntyre Powder Project to seek answers on the long-term health effects of aluminum dust.

With the help of the USW, a two day intake clinic was set up to investigate if there is a link between health problems and occupational aluminum dust exposure, with OHCOW reviewing all patient files.

Over 250 names have been added to the McIntyre powder registry so far. If you or one of your loved ones have been exposed to this powder and you wish to be added to this list, you can call or email Janice at 1-800-461-7120 or

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