Mayday, Mayday 2021

Fri, 28 May 2021

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Mayday, Mayday Workplace Mental Health Series 2021

Mayday, Mayday is an internationally recognized cry for help, and Mayday itself celebrates the contribution of workers the world over, both of which apply to the critically important subject of Workplace Mental Health, especially as we all strive to cope with the impact of the ongoing global pandemic. This 5 week series will draw speakers from across Ontario and around the world to highlight and share solutions to Workplace Mental Health, Stress & Injury Prevention with consideration for both the new, and (hopefully soon) restored, "normal".

1. Worker Pandemic Experience a Year Later - Friday, April 30th - 10am EDT

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2. Psychosocial Hazard Regulatory Frameworks around the World

Friday, May 7th - 10am EDT

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Organized and moderated by the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire International Networking Group.

Including speakers and perspectives from:

  • Indonesia: “COPSOQ III Goes to State Own Enterprises in Indonesia: Appreciations, Feedback, and Governmental Regulations”, by Henndy Ginting
  • Argentina: “Current Psychosocial Risks assessment & Regulation Framework in Argentina”, authored by Cecilia Inés Cornelio, & Johanna Natalia Gerke
  • Venezuela: “Regulatory Framework for the psychosocial assessment, and its management, an approach towards responsibility and ethics”, authored by Lisel Gutierrez
  • Turkey: “Emerging need for a national policy on psychosocial risk assessment and monitoring in a developing country: A modified Delphi Study”, by CEYDA SAHAN, S?BEL KIRAN, DANIELA CONVERSO, YUCEL DEMIRAL 
  • Germany: “Regulatory framework of COPSOQ based risk assessment in Germany”, by Hans-Joachim Lincke
  • Netherlands: “Health and Safety in the Netherlands: The “soft” requirements”, with Gérard Näring interviewing Wout Fontane Pennock


3. Workplace Approaches and Solutions

Friday, May 14, 2021 10am - 12pm EDT

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Addressing Stress in the Workplace is an ongoing, iterative, complex initiative, that is significantly rewarding individually, collectively and organizationally, but takes time, planning, effort and lots of communication.

Join experienced survey facilitators John Oudyk, Occupational Hygienist, OHCOW and Terri Szymanski, Health and Safety Officer, OPSEU plus some of their workplace clients as they share strategies and challenges from organizations large and small, including:

  • CAMH initiatives to enhance psychological health and safety working with union partners (ONA/OPSEU), Carrie Fletcher VP People and Experience and Carol Mundley OPSEU JHSC Co-chair 
  • OHCOW's new Preventing Mental Harm in the Workplace Guide

Mini MIT


4. International Intervention Lessons

Friday, May 21, 10am-12pm EDT

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Join experienced Copenhagen Psychosocial questionnaire researchers and users from around the globe as they share success stories and challenge insights from interventions they have planned, measured and reviewed. Lessons in creativity and communication from which we can all learn.

Countries presenting include:

France: “International development of the COPSOQ in a large multinational company: a common project?”, authored by Elise Chemolle, Julie Lebon et Christine Bocéréan

Spain: "Reducir las exigencias cuantitativas. Experiencia en la instalación y reparación de calderas"/"Reducing quantitative demands: Experience in installation and repair of boilers curated by Clara Llorens

Sweden: Video interview with Hanna Ljungberg and Hanne Berthelsen

Canada: Workplace perspective where the survey has been administered on 3 occasions

Panel Discussion


5. WMH Resource Updates from OHCOW & Partners

Friday, May 28, 10am - 12pm EDT

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Session begins with a virtual tour of OHCOW's new Workplace Mental Health webpage, which is being designed to support and build from StressAssess planning, implementation and especially, results. We welcome your input and feedback.

We will then tour other new or updated resources from trusted partners that can help you and your workplace find ways to apply the health and safety "RACE" (recognize, assess, control and evaluate) concepts to psychosocial hazards and organizational stress risk prevention.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Hearing the voices: benefits and possibilities to learn from qualitative tools and analysis, Dr. Daryl Stephenson, OHCOW
  • Updates and new Healthy Work Survey, Dr. Marnie Dobson, Co-Director Healthy Work Campaign, Center for Social Epidemiology
  • ISO 45003 Updates and Implementation Plans, Norma McCormick, Corporate Health Work
  • Panel Discussion: All



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