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Wed, 26 May 2021

Here to Help: An Introduction to WSIB, International Agricultural Workers and COVID-19

Wednesday, May 26th - 1:30-3:00 PM EDT

Update: Videos from this session available here.

OHCOW and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) play different roles in the Ontario compensation system, but they both understand that it can be overwhelming when someone becomes injured or ill and is in a foreign country away from their families. We are all here to help.

Please join us for a session on WSIB in the context of COVID-19, including OHCOW's clinical, support and navigation role plus the ways WSIB is able to assist foreign agricultural workers should they experience an injury, illness or contract COVID-19 while at work. The presentation will cover a general introduction to WSIB, how to report an injury or illness, foreign agricultural worker policy, wage reimbursement and health care treatment.

This session is intended to provide a general overview of how to access WSIB benefits if a foreign agricultural worker becomes injured or becomes ill while at work.

Aimed at organizations working with IAWs in the pandemic (including partners in the Kairos Empowering Temporary Foreign Workers during COVID-19 network), but others are also more than welcome to participate.


Welcome and Introduction, Val Wolfe, Executive Director, South Central Region, OHCOW

WSIB and compensation basics for agricultural workers, Michelle Tew, Occupational Health Nurse, OHCOW

Here to Help: An Introduction to WSIB, International Agricultural Workers and COVID-19, Kendra, Stakeholder Relations Manager, WSIB

WSIB/Work-relatedness Questions and Answers, Michelle & Kendra

OHCOW's Role and Services (determining work-relatedness, clinical experience and primary care navigation), Michelle Tew, Occupational Health Nurse, OHCOW

OHCOW response to clinical picture. E.g. workshops, preventionEduardo Huesca, Community Outreach and Program Coordinator, OHCOW

Discussion on information, tools and approaches to help support workers and workplaces in 2021, All

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