Applying Hierachy of Controls for Point of Care RA for Healthcare Workers

Fri, 26 Jun 2020

Update: Video from this session now available on our YouTube channel or Facebook.

COVID-19 Applying the Hierarchy of Control to a Point of Care Risk Assessment for the protection of Health Care Workers

About this Event

Please join us on Friday June 26th 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM for this FREE webinar jointly delivered by OHCOW, Neil McDemott (PHSHA), and Sandi Jones (SEIU Health Care).

Applying the hierarchy of control (HOC) for a point of care risk assessment (PCRA) for FRONT LINE Health Care Workers (HCW) to protect from COVID19.

This webinar will provide the most up to date science, strategies and recommendations to provide a point of care risk assessment (PCRA) for HCW. Guidance will be provided to better inform HCW to carry out a PCRA. It will also advise on the importance of the HOC which includes ventilation as a higher order control along with appropriate / protective personal protective equipment (PPE). It will reinforce the precautionary principle approach which considers the 3 modes of transmission: aerosols, droplets and contact (fomites) exposure.

It is extremely important that effective protection / controls be in place to protect against each of these potential transmission / exposure routes.


Chair Patricia Phillips

1) John Oudyk (OHCOW) – Feedback from Healthcare Workers Survey (10 minutes).

2) Kevin Hedges (OHCOW) – Hierarchy of Prevention (control banding) for COVID19 (15 minutes).

3) Neil McDermott (PSHSA) – Applying the Hierarchy of Control with examples (15 minutes).

4) Sandi Jones (SEIU Health Care) – Point of Care Risk Assessment for HCW (15 minutes).

5) Q & A open discussion (35 minutes).

OHCOW is a non-profit organization and we wish to ensure that the services we provide are providing value, solutions, and having impact to your occupational health & safety. This presentation is brought to you at no cost but a few minutes of your time for your feedback. Your comments are important to us in our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality of service. We value your participation and thank you for being part of this webinar.

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Webinar series, Occ-COVID -Science, Solutions & Success Stories 


Session 1: Science (Emerging- Transmission) Moderated by Dr. Raymond Tellier-

July 7


• Dr. Linsey Marr

• Dr. John Conly

• Dr. Donald Milton

Session 2: Solutions: Hierarchy of Prevention/Control/Control Banding

July 8

Moderated by Dr. Kevin Hedges


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