ABSTRACT DUE DATE NOW EXTENDED to Friday, March 8, 2019!

Current practices and policies, as well as language and cultural differences, create barriers to access important resources, services, and regulatory systems, and also limit empathy and depth of understanding. Together, we must build important bridges among and/or between workers and stakeholders to collaborate on evidence-based strategies and initiatives that connect, include, empower, and support health and wellbeing.

Every year the Ontario Migrant Farm Worker Health Forum creates an opportunity for the sharing of key research findings, innovative approaches and promising practices in support of the health of migrant farm workers. We invite you to submit an abstract and contribute to moving this work forward. 

The forum will be held April 25-26 at the University of Windsor.

We welcome a wide range of presentation topics that are relevant to the experiences of migrant farm workers and to service provision and support work with these communities. This year, through consultation, we are also wanting to encourage submissions that engage with the following, particular themes:

•      The mental health of migrant farm workers

•      Primary care and public health

•      Social media, apps, and technology solutions

•      Health fairs: impacts and innovation

•      Food insecurity among migrant farm workers

•      Occupational health and safety

•      Challenges unique to Women

•      Migrant worker empowerment

•      Social isolation, discrimination and racism

•      Employer/workplace outreach and collaboration

Oral presentations: (20-30min) Research & Policy presentations and Experience/Practice-oriented presentations

Panels: (60-90 min) are teams of presenters (three to five) bringing a variety of perspectives to a specific topic, initiative or experience. Panels should allow for a maximum of two thirds time for combined presentation time and one third for audience engagement.

Workshops: (60-90 min) provide a focused educational opportunity for participants and can follow a variety of formats, depending on their learning objectives.

Collaborative sessions: (60-90 min) are facilitated, participatory sessions focusing on particular issues or topics, organized to discuss ideas, analyze challenges, and collaboratively build solutions.

Poster Presentation: Posters cannot exceed 6' by 3' in size and should be printed in landscape format.

Additional topic suggestions:

•      Occupational health & safety

•      Key health issues affecting migrant communities

•      Understanding health care coverage

•      Innovative work by primary care providers

•      Clinical issues

•      Injury, illness and WSIB

•      Working with interpreters

•      Innovative outreach strategies

•      Working with migrant workers and their communities: Ethical considerations

•      Migrant worker housing

•      Nutrition support

•      Sexual and reproductive health

•      Transportation challenges and strategies

•      Recreation and community engagement

•      Needs assessments and data collection

•      Implications of immigration status and work permits 

•      Policy and government responses

•      Advocacy

       ·      Other topics welcomed


For more information on abstract submission, please see the submission form, here:

2019 Migrant Farm Worker Health Forum abstract submission form

Abstracts will be peer reviewed for relevance and quality of content.   

Registration for forum attendees will open mid March 2019

We also invite groups to set up table displays that describe programs or initiatives, or share resources

For more information contact:  

Talk to us on 1-877-817-0336 toll-free or contact us online