An inquiry service to answer workplace health and safety questions.

OHCOW staff will answer your questions about workplace health and safety issues. We will give you information about

  • the substances you work with
  • common diseases in your industry
  • ways to reduce or eliminate the hazards you face
  • the latest medical and scientific articles

The OHCOW team can do a walkthrough tour of the workplace. They will point out any health and safety problems and present them to the joint health and safety committee. They can also suggest that someone investigate the problems further. Examples of Information Services OHCOW has provided

Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace is often not recognized and not reported.

Some group home workers wanted to know which residents might get violent with them. Normally this information would be confidential and the workers would not be told which residents had a history of violence. The workers saw this as a health and safety issue and asked OHCOW for help. In this case, the group home workers' need for a safe workplace seemed to conflict with the residents' rights to confidentiality.

OHCOW gave the workers information about:

  • violence in the workplace
  • client confidentiality
  • policies from other workplaces

The workers then contacted the Ministry of Labour. The Ministry issued an order to the employer and the employer developed a workplace violence program. The program includes teaching workers to manage and prevent violence. It also includes information about when certain residents may become aggressive.

OHCOW then held a workshop for other people interested in workplace violence, so that this experience could be used in other workplaces.

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