Global Ergonomics Month 2017

Celebrated in October each year, Global Ergonomics Month is an international outreach campaign promoting human-centred design through the science, application and profession of ergonomics or human factors.


OHCOW contributed to Global Ergonomics Month 2017 with the following presentations:

Evaluate Your Workstation: An Introduction to a New Office Ergonomics Calculator Tool

Co-hosted by WSN

Presented by Chelsie Baizana, OHCOW Ottawa, and  Trevor Schell, OHCOW Sudbury

In order to work safely and comfortably, each element of your computer workstation should be adjusted to fit your needs. This calculator will help you to adjust your workstation according to your ideal individual body measurements. It will demonstrate how to measure relevant anthropometrics and equipment heights and provide you with a list of ideal measurements based on this information. To achieve an ergonomic workstation setup, you can use a measuring tape to ensure that your equipment is adjusted accordingly.

Psychosocial Ergonomics and Ergonomics: Fact or Fiction

Presented by Brenda Mallat, and Melissa Stratham, OHCOW

Psychosocial Ergonomics: An introduction to how psychosocial workplace factors such as time pressures, increased workloads, lack of support, monotony, and perceived control can increase a worker’s risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. The body’s physiological, psychological and behavioral responses to these “stressors” will be addressed as well as strategies to eliminate and control them.

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