Global Ergonomics Month

October 2017

Global Ergonomics Month

Celebrated in October each year, Global Ergonomics Month is an international outreach campaign promoting human-centred design through the science, application and profession of ergonomics or human factors. These disciplines are focused on optimizing human well-being as well as overall system performance by proactively designing work and work systems to fit the people interfacing with them in ways that improve efficiency, productivity, health, safety and comfort. Ergonomics is ultimately good for business and good for people.

OHCOW is contributing to the Month in several ways, namely by delivering webinars and lunch & learns throughout the province, including one to launch a new tool. OHCOW has a suite of Ergo Tools to assist workers, supervisors and JHS Committee members in identifying and characterizing ergonomic hazards, risks, and developing realistic solutions.  

The newest tool, the office ergonomic calculator will officially be launched at a Northern Ontario Knowledge Exchange event on October 18th, and will be accessible to viewers by means of a webinar.

The office ergonomics calculator will soon be available at:  

Be part of our user experience group -- try it, share it, and tell us how you like it at

Many of the Ministry of Labour System Partners are also contributing to this important cause. To name a few:

  • The Ministry of Labour is increasing enforcement activity for musculoskeletal disorders
  • CRE-MSD is hosting a manual materials handling conference
  • PSHSA is releasing 4 new fact-sheets
  • WHSC is offering discounted ergonomics training sessions
  • WSPS is hosting regional Partners in Prevention Conferences. 

For a listing of more events, tools, and resources to raise awareness of this important month, visit the Ministry of Labour’s Ergonomics Month website

OHCOW is delighted to be hosting and participating in two events during Global Ergonomics Month, see below for further details.

Global Ergonomics Month Webinar

Global Ergonomics Month Lunch and Learns

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