Exercise at your Workstation 

Many office workers have jobs where they sit or stand for long periods.  Working in one position can lead to muscle pain and strain.  Exercises done at the desk can help.

Exercise Breaks

Actions that are frequently repeated or held statically for periods of time can result in muscle fatigue and tightness.  The following exercises are designed to counteract the movements used on the job by reducing postural fatigue, aches, and pains.  You can do these exercises right at your workstation.

Exercises marked with an asterisk (*) are stretch exercises and require the following exercise technique.

1. Take a deep breath in through your nose and make your abdomen expand

2. Breathe all the air slowly out through your mouth

3. Pause and relax

4. Then, stretch the muscle

5. Hold for 10 counts

6. Ease off, repeat steps one to five, stretching a little further each time

Repeat exercise three to five times each, unless otherwise specified.  It takes 10 minutes to complete the entire program.  Many of the exercises can be done separately throughout the day to relieve specific postural fatigue.

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