Pandemic Experience Surveys RE-launch

Pandemic Experience Surveys Re-launch

Building on the important insights gained through two (Healthcare and Generic) Worker Pandemic Experience Surveys posted in the spring which received thousands of respondents, OHCOW is re-launching the Surveys to capture any change to the worker experience during the currently surging second wave. The surveys are available in English and French, and are based on a number of scientifically-recognized questions that measure different aspects of job-related psychosocial conditions, along with symptoms related to intense stressful conditions and mood disorders. The surveys give voice to the thousands of workers trying to get their job done during this serious public and occupational health crisis, and will offer the ability to understand the short and long-term physical and mental health impacts of such working conditions (by setting up voluntary coding for repeat entries) and will aid in identifying patterns, and providing insight, for future stress and harm prevention. It was developed by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), with help from researchers at the Institute for Work & Health and Duke University in North Carolina, along with input from a number of health and safety union staff representatives, based on concerns and questions raised by their members. Visit the survey links below to share your experience today, and come back again to let us know how things are progressing:

For healthcare workers (including EMS) working at healthcare workplaces (including homecare): (EN) (FR)

for all other workers either working from home (i.e. remotely), or at a non-healthcare workplace: (EN) (FR)