COVID-19 Resources

Welcome to OHCOW’s COVID-19 Resources and Information page. Here you will find a number of recorded webinars; fact sheets; position papers; recommendations and tools to assist workers and workplaces in navigating the unique challenges that COVID-19 presents. Don’t forget to check back regularly, we will continue to update our resources as new research and updated work-related information becomes available. 

Scroll below to view our available links and information.  

Regional Risk Tool & Tips

Workplace COVID-19 Risk Management (Control Banding) Matrix 

Ventilation Checklist

Response to Downgrade of PPE Precautions for COVID-19

Virtual Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

Agricultural Workers and COVID 19 Safety Guidance & Resources

COVID-19 and Ontario Farm Worker Health and Safety

Pandemic Experience Surveys Re-launch

COVID-related Webinars

Occ-tober 5-part webinar series 

Key Workplace Health Factors to Recognize, Assess & Control during COVID-19 

The Impact of COVID-19 On Workplace Ergonomics

Occ-COVID - Science, Solutions & Success Stories

Applying Hierachy of Controls for Point of Care RA for Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 and Ontario Farm Worker Health and Safety

Ergonomic Tips for Temporary Home Workstations

Mayday, Mayday Workplace Mental Health Series 2020

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