Construction Injury


OHCOW’s mission is to prevent occupational illnesses and  injuries, and to promote the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of all workers. We strive to accomplish this through the identification of workplace factors which are detrimental to the health and well-being of all workers, through the distribution of excellent occupational health, hygiene, and ergonomic information to increase knowledge among workers, employers and the general public, and through the provision of services designed to produce changes to improve workplaces and the health of workers. In accordance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), workplaces must establish a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JH&SC) or have Health and Safety Representative (H&SR), if under 20 people at the worksite.  OHCOW works in partnership with your JH&SC or H&SR to provide the expertise of our health & safety professionals your workplace requires.


OHCOW Ergonomists look at physical risk factors that can lead to injuries and will develop strategies to reduce the risk of injury including recommendations for workplace design. 

Occupational Hygienists

OHCOW Hygienists look at the chemical,  biological (i.e. mould) and physical (i.e. noise) hazards that can lead to the development of diseases and develop strategies to reduce these hazards including engineering and administrative controls such as ventilation or noise control measures.  

Occupational Health Nurse

OHCOW Nurses can help the workplace with the introduction of medical surveillance programs, lifestyle/wellness programs, and conducting hearing screening. The staff work together using an inter-disciplinary team approach to health and safety concerns.  By accomplishing this, OHCOW has been able to address the needs of workplaces in our catchment area. 


All OHCOW staff can provide tailored education session/workshops at your workplace. Sometimes we partner with community groups or with other health and safety organizations to promote safe workplaces. OHCOW develops workplace specific education packages about specific health hazards and control strategies.  These sessions can be done in combination with a work site visit regarding a specific concern or on their own.  A sample list of sessions can be requested.

Information Service

An inquiry service to answer workplace health and safety questions.  OHCOW staff will answer your questions about workplace health and safety issues.

Examples include: 

  • The substances you work with
  • Common diseases in your industry
  • Ways to reduce or eliminate the hazards you face
  • The latest medical and scientific articles


We also offer a  research service to investigate and report on illnesses and injuries.  OHCOW has been involved in research studies on several different topics. We collect statistics on different diseases and on the substances workers are exposed to that may cause these diseases.

We will access the most current literature and research techniques to address your concern.  We will use this information to write a report that compares your workplace situation to that of other workplaces that have been studied. 

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