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Every year, thousands of migrant farm workers come to Canada to work in the agriculture industry, including 20,000 arriving in Ontario to work on farms and in greenhouses. These workers play a vital role in the industry, and therefore, in Ontario’s economy. The Provincial Expert Advisory Panel on Occupational Health and Safety, and subsequently, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), have identified this labour force as a group who face barriers in accessing effective occupational health and safety resources and support. (See Dean 2010 report). As migrant farm workers spend the majority of their time at work, and farm work can be physically demanding, involving a variety of hazards, an occupational health and safety focus is particularly important for supporting the health of this population. Since 2006, the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) has developed a program specifically focused on supporting Ontario migrant farm workers and their employers.

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