On International Noise Awareness Day, (April 26 2017), we are asking workers to measure the noise at their workstations using cellphone apps. 

Steps to participate:

  1. Download an app on your cellphone (see the list below for recommended apps)
  2. On April 26, 2017 take some noise measurements at your personal workstation
  3. On the same day visit this website to report your readings
  4. Raise awareness about noise and its effect in your workplace and find ways of reducing excess noise (ongoing)

Noise App Recommendations:

Based on reading some high quality evaluations of noise measuring cell phone apps, plus some of our own experimentation with such apps, we’ve come up with a short list of apps that we’re confident are the most accurate.  So, if you want to participate we recommend you use one of the following apps:

iPhone Apps

       NIOSH SLM, By EA Lab


 NIOSH SLM App Screenshot

 NoiSee, By EA LAB

$1.39 US



 LogSPL, By Fabien Lefebvre

$2.79 US



SPLnFFT Noise Meter, By Fabien Lefebvre


Android Apps 

OpeNoise, by Arpa Piemonte




 SPL Meter, by Keuwlsoft




For some very “sound” reasons, noise measurement apps on the iPhone generally are more reliable than Android, although we have some suggestions for Android app included in the list above.  But, if you have a choice between types of phones, we recommend using the apps designed for iPhones.  There are lots of unreliable noise measurement apps, so “Buyer Beware!”  


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